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HSCRF Registration

All HSCRF customers are asked to be aware of the following policies:
  1. The HSCRF guarantees all work against technical error on the part of HSCRF staff. We make every effort to identify errors and repeat testing prior to reporting data. In the event that reported data indicates technical error, investigators must bring this to HSCRF attention within 6 months of data report to take advantage of this guarantee.

  2. Our web site is for data distribution only and is not a data archive location.
    1. Data must be downloaded to investigator's own computer system for long term storage.
    2. Data will be available on the server for 3 months, after which old data may be cleared from customer folders at any time, without notice.
    3. Unless stated otherwise for specific processes, HSCRF will archive data for up to one year after project completion. While in some cases possible, retrieval of older data is not guaranteed. If retrieval is requested, additional fees will apply to the attempt, whether or not it is successful.

  3. Inventoried sample storage is available for a fee and must be requested at the time of sample submission. Excess sample for which long term storage has not been requested may be discarded if not retrieved within 6 months of project completion. We will endeavor to contact PIs with a request for sample pick-up.

  4. By registering, you will automatically be subscribed to the HSCRF mailing list. You may recieve emails periodically from hscrf@pitt.edu, grc@pitt.edu, bioms@pitt.edu, coreadmi@pitt.edu, and/or other associated email addresses. Please email hscrf@pitt.edu to unsubscribe.

  5. If You encounter any "403 Forbidden" errors while accessing this site, please try using an alternate web browser or device.
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